Urbit Operators

Learn best practices for running your own urbit and hosting digital communities

Urbit IDs

How to Inspect an ID

Urbit IDs unlock an entire digital world, and while they are NFTs, there’s a lot more to them than your typical piece of digital art.


Which ID Should I Buy?

A buyer's guide to the 5 different types of Urbit IDs: Galaxy, Star, Planet, Moon, & Comet


Urbit ID FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Urbit ID.


Operator's Manual

A series of guides and reference material for assisting you in the usage and operations of your ship.

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Star Buyer's Guide

If a planet is a plot of digital land, think of a star as a whole province. It can issue planets and perform a variety of unique network functions, making it a unique investment asset.

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Node Operation

Layer 2 for stars

Thinking of migrating your star to L2? Some benefits and some trade-offs to consider.


Running a Galaxy

By operating a galaxy, you have elected to participate in the network's infrastructure and governance. Operating a galaxy is an important job, and carries special considerations.


What to know about selling planets

Planet distribution has been drastically simplified and pushed to near-zero cost for star owners. If you have a star, it's never been easier to start a business selling your planets.


Urbit Security

Most of Urbit is quite secure, while other parts are works in progress and need technical auditing.


Help and Support

Need help operating your star or galaxy? Don't be a stranger. Reach out to us at the email below.